Common Neglected Issues in PCB Design

1. For the lines drawn by Protel series and AD series software, no matter which layer (including wiring layer, Keepout layer, etc.) the lines are drawn on, double-click to open the properties of the line, and the keepout option must not be checked. Once the keepout option is selected, then This line cannot be generated in the gerber file, resulting in this line cannot be produced. Take Protel99se software as an example PCB layout

2. Solder mask layer: If it is necessary to open the window of a certain line without covering it with green oil and spray it with tin, another solder layer must be added. Paste is just a stencil layer, which is used to make stencils and has nothing to do with the production of boards.

3. The Multilayer layer in the Protel series and AD series software refers to multiple layers, which are usually used for the layer setting of through-hole pads (Pad) and vias (Via). In the Multilayer layer, there are only traces on both sides. It will not be the effect of opening the window of the pad without covering the green oil (this design is an individual case, and this wiring design should be avoided).

4. In the form of copper pouring of PADS software, the Flood command (refilling copper pouring) is executed by the designer. The circuit board factory only executes the Hatch command (fill shows copper pour) to avoid modifying the designer’s design copper pour. Therefore, before the board is produced, the designer must confirm the copper clad inspection.

5. Protel series and AD series software are used to draw on Mechanical 1-16 layer or Keep out layer (priority) for the design of board shape and long SLOT holes or hollow holes (non-metallized slot holes). But it must be noted that only one of the two can be selected, and two layers are not allowed to appear in the design at the same time, otherwise it will cause wrong production!

6. To design a non-metallized hole, in principle, uncheck the Plated option in the Pad or Via properties, which means that the hole is non-metallized                

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