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Founded in 2011, Arisentec has been devoted itself to be the world’s leading electronic product and service enterprise by applying self-development and innovation service as core value.Headquartered in Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China and with sales and service network spreading over major electronic R&D and design centers all over the world, Arisentec provides customers with comprehensive solution service such as intelligent mobile terminal, PCB design, fabrication, parts sourcing and PCBA.

Relying on extensive supplier resources and complete supply chain management system, products made by Arisentec were spoken highly of by 3,000+ global customers from 30+ countries and have been wildly used in telecom, medical, industrial control, smart home, Internet of Things and other industries.


The ever-advancing medical industry continues to hold Arisentec accountable to search and design new manufacturing methods and cost reductions to supply their customers.

Arisentec is the excellent team to help you with your intention for Smart Home products & solution innovation.

Arisentec supports many applications in Industrial Electronics. With experience in wireless technologies, thermal solutions, and high temperature environments.
Arisentec PCB division supports the ODM and EMS community in many business machine applications. We support the technical capabilities to provide high quality solutions.
As an automotive electronics company and automotive PCB manufacturer, Arisentec, delivers high-quality services in engineering, design, and prototyping.
Arisentec PCB division understands the economy of scale and will work with our customers to drive price points from the earliest development cycles.
Arisentec PCB division has strong experience with telecommunications products. Our factories are UL qualified for Rogers, Panasonic, Hitachi…


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