Arisentec PCB Fabrication

We do not fabricate printed circuit boards internally. However, we work very closely with SCC, Fastprint, Kingwan etc. and have relationships with several PCB fabrication shops to best serve our customers. Our philosophy on choosing the appropriate board house for our customers is:

We chose the best PCB fabrication house for customer’s needs. From same day turns, 2 to 40 layers, flex, controlled impedance and other board characteristics, we maintain relationships with multiple vendors and l

We order electrical testing on all PCBs as a standard process. We believe that on prototype PCBs, the last thing you want to be worried about are PCB fabrication problems. We can however, purchase PCBs without test in the effort of saving time or money

We have relationships with other PCB shops as needed and can handle:

Rigid and Flex circuits


Heavy Copper


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